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Company Profile

Introduction of Greenia

Greenia Building Materials (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is engaged in High Pressure Laminate and related industry since 1997, is the earliest and one of the most professional manufactures in south China.

GREENIA® High Pressure Laminate by using the German production machine, by importing decorative paper, multilayer high-class kraft paper through impregnating of melamine resin and phenolic resin, at the high temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 150 degrees Celsius), at the high pressure to 1430 pounds of pressure per square inch and continuous equilibrium pressure produced by the Hot Press Machine by more than an hour.

GREENIA® High Pressure Laminate are widely used in star hotels, office furniture, cabinets, train, vehicle, shipbuilding, elevator, education system, public places, and other areas of the fire decorative materials.

GREENIA®High Pressure Laminate using imported raw materials and advanced production technology, its highest fireproof rank can reach the national standard grade A, its environmental protection formaldehyde release standard can reach grade E, and its products are SGS compliant.

Greenia Building Materials (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is committed to continuous and constantly research and development of new products and ideas of High Pressure Laminate reaching 55 kinds of surface treatment and more than 5000 kinds of design and color up to the year of 2015. To pursuit the idea of classic fashion, good taste, strives for perfection, GREENIA ® High Pressure Laminate easy to bring art into the house, become a fashionable personage of choice.