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Greenia High Pressure Laminate is a type of surface decorative material that has rich colors and various surface texture, produced through impregnating the decorative paper and kraft paper with melamine and phenolic resin, then drying at high temperature
Compact Laminate is one kinds of double-sided decorative plate and extremely durable and modern decorative building panel which have good performance of waterproof, fireproof, resistant to impact and abrasion, easy to install, clean and maintain, have bee
Greenia Magnesium Composite Board’s surface can stick with High Pressure Laminate by pressure equipment. Its combustion performance reach the national grade A1 with the feature of high temperature resistant, flame retardant, waterproof mothproof, non-toxi
Aluminum honeycomb composite board with the characteristic of light weight, good strength and rigidity, its surface can composite High Pressure Laminate, and widely used for decoration, curtain wall, floor, vehicles, trains, ships, subway and so on.
Greenia Fiber Reinforced Composite Board not only has the good ability of resistance to fire, water, corrosion, but also is the permanent flame retardant environmental material. It is widely used for door, floor materials, wall panel, partition, furniture
With the same characteristics as the HPL, the Art Laminate HPL has more colors and surface finishes to choose, therefore it has more artistic feelings.