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What you see is what you get

Make your imagination light up fashion life with our custom plastic laminate sheets.
Create a brand-new color or a unique surface texture that only belongs to you with Greenia. You may need to provide your design, wood grain, ceramic pattern, photos, paint, illustrations, etc. Greenia can help you to realize your idea and put them on the laminate board. What you see is what you get.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 0086-755-23354285, or email us at

1.How do you start?

(1) If you are willing to customize the Greenia Laminates, please contact our sales representative or make a phone call to Greenia at 0086-755-23354285 and tell us what you need.
(2) You may need to provide the pattern and the size you like. Please submit it in email, photo, or shipment. Also, you can fill up the form and type your thoughts at the bottom. 
(3) After the requirement form has been checked, we will draw and produce the laminate according to your requirement. The sample will be sent back for you to confirm. You may place an order with our sales manager.

2.How do we start?

(1) Custom wood grain or stone plastic laminate for large quantity.

(2) Custom digital laminate with small quantity

The requirements of customer's file

(1) The file type: AI and PDF file,which size should be the same with the actual finished product size.

(2) The customer needs to confirm the clarity of image under 1:1 rate and details of typesetting, stitching and cutting.
(3) The customer should have the copyright of file sent. Greenia company shall not assume the copyright issue. For the file designed by Greenia company,the copyright belongs to Greenia company. 
(4) Any questions,call us at 0086-755-23354285,or email us at


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